The International Conference on the Statistical Analysis of Textual Data (JADT, Journées d’Analyse Statistique des Données Textuelles) has been at its 16th occurrence. It was held for the first time in Naples, from the 6th to the 8th of July 2022, organised at the University of Naples Federico II by the VADISTAT Per Simona Balbi Association. This biennial appointment has continuously gained importance since the first edition in Barcelone (1992), and with the editions of Montpellier (1994), Rome (1996), Nice (1998), Lausanne (2000), Saint-Malo (2002), Louvain-la Neuve (2004), Besançon (2006), Lyon (2008), Rome (2010), Liège (2012), Paris (2014), Nice (2016), Rome (2018), Toulose (2020). The JADT conference presents the state of the art concerning theories, problems, methods and applications in several domains, sharing a quantitative approach to the study of lexical, textual, pragmatic or discursive features of information expressed in natural language. These proceedings collect 118 contributions delivered by more than 300 scholars from 15 different countries spread all over the world.

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